Fit Tested Review Writing Guidelines

We’re looking forward to learning what you have to say about our products – and sharing your experiences with our community!

So, please:

  • Talk about your experiences with the products, rather than your experiences with the Fit Tested program or our brands in general. This is the best way to explain how the products worked for you, what kind of results you got, and who can benefit from these products. If you have a customer service issue and would like to discuss a glitch in the way that our program operates, please do so through the “Contact Us” form.
  • Submit a review once you have used each product. We want you to put our products to the test, and share with us whether they lived up to your standards. If the delivery time frame communicated to you has passed, and you have yet to receive your products, please reach out through the “Contact Us” form.
  • All reviews must be submitted in English.
  • Refrain from mentioning competitors or a specific price that you may have paid for another product.
  • Don’t include any personally identifiable information, such as full names.
  • Carefully follow any instructions on the product review submission form itself when writing your review.


Here’s how you can help other consumers make an informed product decision based on your review:

  • Talk about your experience in detail – how did you use the product? What did you want to accomplish? What did you like most about it? What would you like to see us do differently?
  • Share your best practices for each product use – e.g., do you take it plain or add it into your smoothie?
  • Do you like what you see in the mirror? Did our product help you get there? Don’t hesitate to share your selfies showing off the results. Photos of our product put to good use are also welcome.
  • Re-read your review before submitting it to check for any spelling or grammar errors, as we won’t edit your review.